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This catalog is very well rounded being that it has a little bit of everything. If you are looking for tees, hoodies, bags, and hats. This is a good book to look through. It has 

a good mixture. 


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Gildan's website is good for tees, long sleeves, hoodies, and crew sweatshirts. This one is good for if you want different colors they have a huge collect of different colors to choose from. 



This catalog is very similar to SanMar. It has a little bit of everything in it as well. It also has a bigger selection of brands. If you are not sure what you want to look at this is the catalog because it has it all.  

Alpha Broder


This catalog is good for the sports fan. Anyone planning have a sports team that needs to uniforms or warm ups. They also have good fan gear as well. 

Augusta Sportswear

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